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Bus, plane, and train accidents are known for causing tragedy. For bus and train accidents, this can be especially true when they involve a pedestrian or motor vehicle. All of these collisions can be caused by varying sets of events such as oblivious drivers, conductors, or pilots; insufficiently trained employees; or lack of proper equipment maintenance. If these issues are taken seriously, accidents can be avoided and people will be spared the heartache of suffering an injury or losing a loved one. If you or a family member was injured or lost due to a bus, plane, or train accident, call me right away.

Injuries from bus accidents

While we may naturally think of a bus as a vehicle that transports a lot of people from one destination to the next, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration defines a bus as any vehicle with nine or more passengers. Some different types of include school buses, tour buses, and airport buses. While the intent of each varies, they are all considered buses by law.

Because riding a bus is such a normal part of American culture, the risk you take by boarding one can easily be overlooked. Trusting a complete stranger to safely get you from point A to point B is a big deal — even more so when you consider shipping your children off to school via bus every morning.Typically speaking, most bus drivers do know what they’re doing, and buses in and of themselves are not markedly dangerous vehicles. However, accidents do happen. If it happens to you, you know who to call.

Injuries from plane crashes

In comparison to traveling by bus, we may be more privy to the risk involved with traveling by plane. Nevertheless, our minds can naturally be more focused on the destination than on the trip itself. The injuries sustained from going through the catastrophic event of a plane crash are typically much heavier than other types of accidents. With the demand for air travel on a steady rise, one can theorize that this means there will be an increase in accidents caused by planes, as well.I understand how sensitive this matter is and I know how to help. If you were injured in a plane crash, medical helicopter, or charter flight, contact me today.


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Injuries from train accidents

Sometimes, people think of train accidents as only relating to railroad workers. However, train accidents can happen to anyone, and passengers on board a train can quickly become victims of a train collision. According to the Federal Railroad Administration, the most common causes of injuries from train accidents include:

  • Speeding
  • Failure to apply brakes
  • Defective crossties
  • Improperly lined switches
  • Equipment failure
  • Signal malfunctions
  • Human error
  • Track defects

Train accidents affect the passengers, workers, operators, and potentially other people nearby. With an average of 1,000 accidents happening each year in the United States, the number of injuries and corresponding deaths is at a staggeringly high number. Injuries and deaths sustained in these types of accidents deserve to be addressed legally. The victims are entitled to compensation to accommodate their medical bills, recovery costs, and pain and suffering.


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