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You Need a Seasoned Law Firm Behind Your Case

Boating accidents can have very tragic consequences. Slip & fall incidents can result in someone being thrown overboard. If they are not wearing a life jacket and cannot swim, they may lose their life or suffer injuries. It is important for anyone who captains or crews a boat of any size to be properly trained and ethically responsible. The lives of the passengers as well as the passengers of other boats passing by are endangered by incompetence and recklessness. Don’t allow those who were negligent to go without having to account for the destruction that they have caused. We have helped thousands over the last 40+ years to obtain restitution. These cases need the attention of a Springfield injury lawyer.

Common Causes of Springfield Boating Collisions

In every mode of transportation, there exists the possibility of injury or death; the sport of boating is no different. Whether partaken as a pastime, a mode of transportation, a sport, or a job, boating carries with it hazards and the potential for serious injuries and consequences. In fact, the same dangers posed to the drivers of automobiles have also proven to be problematic for the operators and passengers of some boats as well.

  • Some of the most common causes include:
  • Boating under the influence
  • Severe weather conditions
  • Inexperienced operators
  • No braking system

Boating Under the Influence (BUI)

Boating under the influence (BUI) has become a common pastime among many boat owners in the state. For many people, recreational activities such as boating naturally involve drinking. However, when operating something as large as a boat there is absolutely no room for reckless behavior and / or drinking while doing so. Even the smallest degree of impairment could skew a boat operator’s judgment, consequently causing a dangerous incident.

Severe Weather Conditions

In the same way that severe weather conditions can be hazardous to car drivers on the road, boat operators are at risk as well. Weather conditions that are poor on land are sometimes even worse on water. Heavy winds, excessive rain, and lightning are of particular concern for anyone that is out on the water, as these conditions can greatly deter a boat’s ability to safely stay afloat.

Inexperienced Operators

Whether the conditions are wet or dry, inexperienced operators could pose significant danger to passengers and other boaters alike. Boats can be difficult to operate, especially for the inexperienced. Not knowing the proper rules to abide by and the safest ways to operate a boat of any size could easily result in accidents, injuries and worse. Problems also often occur when the functioning of the boat is difficult to manage. Without braking systems, unexpected happenings that require immediate reaction will be hard to address without the ability to put the brakes on a boat that is traveling full speed. At A Good Law Firm, our attorney has over 40 years experience helping boating collision victims receive help and begin the process of healing. Why hesitate any longer?

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