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40+ Years Experience with TBI Injuries

If you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI), our firm can help you recover financial compensation to help you in your recovery or to compensate for the challenges you are now facing. A Good Law Firm has experience advocating for clients who have suffered all types of catastrophic injuries, from serious spinal cord injuries to life-altering brain injuries.

Do not hesitate to call our Springfield traumatic brain injury lawyer.

What Constitutes a Traumatic Brain Injury?

TBI occurs when the head suddenly and violently strikes another object, or when an object or instrument pierces the skull and enters the brain. Car collisions, trucking collisions, motorcycle collisions, boating collisions and pedestrian accidents are all common causes of traumatic brain injuries. Medical malpractice cases can also result from traumatic brain injuries when errors in surgeries occur. A Springfield personal injury attorney from our firm has extensive experience dealing with these matters. We offer personalized and empathetic legal counsel so that we can stand as advocates in your corner.

Signs & Symptoms

Symptoms of traumatic brain injury can range from mild to severe. About half of the severely injured will require surgery. It is important to know what signs you should be on the lookout for.

Disabilities will vary depending upon severity but can include:

  • Memory and reasoning impairment
  • Difficulties with sensory perceptions (sight, smell, touch, taste, etc.)
  • Communication difficulties
  • Behavioral problems
  • Unresponsive state
  • Unconsciousness

A Good Law Firm Is Here to Help. Call Us Today!

Obviously, those suffering from severe brain injury will need long-term care and extensive medical treatment and therapy. If the injury was caused by the negligence or reckless behavior of another, legal action can be taken to try to recover financial compensation. This compensation can help to cover medical costs and other costs related to the injury, as well as help you the victim begin emotional healing. Call  (413) 736-1616 now to schedule a free consultation directly with attorney Alan Goodman, a 40+ year experienced TBI lawyer serving Springfield, MA and the surrounding cities. Or go to our contact page, submit a form and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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