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Advocacy from an Experienced Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Springfield

A woman’s health is of greatest importance and concern. Care involving a woman’s unique make-up demands utmost attention and compassionate concern. This is only magnified when involving pregnancy and bringing a child to term. It is thus shocking and reviling to hear example after example of a negligent medical professional commit gross malpractice.

What can you do if you have suffered malpractice during labor or from your gynecologist? Have a dependable legal expert on your side who can argue your claim in a convincing fashion so your wrongs are righted and the guilty parties pay. At A Good Law Firm, our Springfield medical malpractice attorney has dedicated his career to representing suffering victims. He has a network of medical experts who can bolster your claim through their opinion.

Malpractice Involving Women’s Health Issues

Gross cases of malpractice occur in different ways with women’s health issues. Not only should you be familiar with them, but your advocating lawyer should be well-versed in them as well. The Springfield obstetric and gynecologic lawyer at A Good Law Firm can help you and your family pursue fair compensation.

Malpractice can occur when there is a:

  • Improper performance during pregnancy, in the face of benign neoplasms of the uterus, or when dealing with disorders of menstruation and other abnormal bleeding from the female genital tract.
  • Errors in diagnosis during pregnancy, when dealing with neoplasm of the breast that are unknown if malignant or benign, and malignant neoplasm of female breast.
  • Failure to supervise or monitor your case during pregnancy, with a brain-damaged infant, or during normal delivery of single gestation

Springfield Malpractice Lawyer

If you believe you have a claim for malpractice, A Good Law Firm is ready to help. Since 1977, A Good Law Firm has represented countless victims of injury and has proven results. Attorney Alan R. Goodman works hard, fights hard, and gets results for our clients.

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