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Experienced Representation from a Springfield Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Doctors swear an oath when beginning their career, committing themselves to genuine medical care for their patients. It is normal to develop a trusting relationship with your doctor, as you commit yourself to one caring for the most critical organs in your body and understand their oath to provide excellent medical care. But what do you do when this bond is broken and you are reeling in despair?

Medical malpractice is an all too common reality in the world and victims are left confused and hurting, often dealing with life-altering consequences that could have been avoided with accurate and attentive care. At A Good Law Firm, we have dedicated our law practice to compassionate care for the suffering.

Malpractice in Internal Medicine

Malpractice or improper and negligent medical care is a serious issue that brings devastating complications to its victims. It can occur in different ways and in different forms, but all bring painful results. Many instances of malpractice can occur in all specialties of internal medicine and are commonly seen with cardiac and respiratory diseases.

Examples of medical malpractice include:

  • Incorrect diagnosis: A doctor incorrectly identifies or diagnoses an illness. This happens frequently with symptoms involving abdomen and pelvis, chest pain that is not further defined, and symptoms involving the respiratory system and chest.
  • Improper performance: A doctor makes an error while performing a medical procedure, most often during surgery or operation or with symptoms involving abdomen and pelvis, when presenting with chest pain that is not further defined, or with dyspnea and respiratory abnormalities.
  • Failure to supervise or monitor your case such as with a decubitus ulcer, with symptoms involving abdomen and pelvis, or with a patient with diabetes.
  • Failure to diagnose, such as in cases of temporal arteritis which can lead to total or partial permanent blindness.

Turn to Our Firm for a Springfield Lawyer You Can Trust

If you are dealing with complications from perceived malpractice, our Springfield medical malpractice attorney can help. A Good Law Firm has helped many of our clients receive fair compensation. Don’t hesitate to call our office for more information about how we can provide legal representation.

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