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Helping Victims Recover Fair Compensation Since 1977

Any form of surgery is stressful, whether it is a short and routine procedure or a lengthy and demanding operation. When you undergo anesthesia and are rendered unconscious, you are trusting the medical team providing care to handle you in a safe manner so all will go well. However, it is the distressful experience of many to wake up realizing something is wrong and to understand gross, negligent malpractice has occurred. You may feel overwhelmed, confused, and certainly helpless when considering the powerful medical professionals and the hospitals behind them. Having an established medical malpractice advocate can help to win a fair compensation for you.

Examples of General Surgery Malpractice

Malpractice can occur in several forms and affect many conditions. A skilled medical malpractice lawyer is fluent with these forms and knows how to articulate the damages in a convincing way. These general forms of malpractice can greatly affect surgery on all body parts organs, but especially on the gallbladder or breasts. If you have had a procedure on these and notice discomfort or painful symptoms, you may be the victim of negligent malpractice and should seek a Springfield personal injury lawyer for a consultation.

Forms of surgical malpractice include:

  • Improper performance in surgery, whether for calculus of gallbladder or bile duct.
  • Error in the medical diagnosis, such as failing to properly identify abdominal or pelvic pain, a neoplasm of the breast (unknown if malignant or benign), etc.
  • Failure to recognize further complications after surgery, such as obesity rises, cholecystitis, or gallbladder / bile duct issues.

Fighting for Malpractice Victims for Three Decades

If you or a loved one is dealing with the painful reality of malpractice, you can turn to a caring voice in Alan R. Goodman. For over three decades, A Good Law Firm has represented a wide variety of individuals and has won back millions in reparation for medical malpractice. Our Springfield medical malpractice lawyer works and fights hard to try secure the best possible results in every case.

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