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Springfield Medical Malpractice Lawyer with More than 30 Years of Experience

The rise of modern medicine has introduced new mediums of treatment and procedures. Anesthesiology has greatly benefitted both doctors and patients as it helps during procedures and can minimize the sense of pain. As different ways of administering anesthesia have been introduced, so the has the regularity of using anesthesia. Yet, a sad but all too common reality is for anesthesia to be improperly administered or monitored, and the result is an anesthesia malpractice.

As a victim, you can suffer the effects while the medical professionals continue on with their professions. At such a time as this, it can be crucial to consult with an attorney experienced in personal injury who can fight for your claim of medical malpractice. A Good Law Firm has helped many individuals file such claims.

What Is Anesthesia & What Is an Accident?

Anesthesia is administered through anesthetics and is a way to block pain, relax a patient, and in some instances, induce unconsciousness. This intubated state is overseen by a trained anesthesiologist. Yet, all too common accidents occur because this professional does not recognize signs of error or administers the anesthetic improperly.

Types of anesthesia accidents:

  • Improper performance: When administered incorrectly, back disorders can occur like lumbago and sciatica; degeneration of intervertebral disc; musculoskeletal disorder and discomfort affecting the neck region
  • Overlooking patient monitoring: When problems occur monitoring a patient during surgery, anesthesia can affect prostate cancer or malignant neoplasms of the prostate; general and localized osteoarthrosis
  • Intubation problems: If complications arise while intubating the patient, accidents can occur like an umbilical hernia; discomfort with the abdomen and pelvis; appendicitis

Contact Our Medical Malpractice Attorney in Springfield

It is critical to speak with an experienced anesthesia accident attorney who can hear your story and work with a network of trained medical professionals to build your case with all anesthesia accidents. Alan R. Goodman at A Good Law Firm can provide experienced medical malpractice litigation. If you believe you have suffered from an anesthesia accident, do not hesitate in contacting a Springfield medical malpractice attorney.

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