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We Never Charge Attorneys Fees Unless We Recover Money for You

Lead-based paint was introduced as a faster drying and more durable paint option. It was widely used in buildings and to coat toys and furniture until the Consumer Product Safety Commission banned it as a safety hazard in 1977. You can still find it in many older homes and buildings throughout Massachusetts and some manufacturers still use it. When a 3-year-old was poisoned after living in an apartment with lead paint, founding attorney of A Good Law Firm, Alan R. Goodman advocated for a $500,000 structured settlement that would protect and grow the money tax-free for the child’s benefit.

Our team has helped obtain millions of dollars for children and adults who have suffered the harmful effects of lead paint poisoning. We know that you are dealing with an unimaginable situation, which is why we make you feel like you are our only client. The Springfield personal injury lawyer at our firm works hard to develop your case and fights to help you get the money you need and deserve.

Symptoms are Hard to Diagnose and the Damage Can Last a Lifetime

Lead is a soft metal that is very toxic, especially for small children. It can cause serious health problems or even death when it accumulates in your body. What makes lead paint even more dangerous is that symptoms of poisoning often do not appear until dangerous amounts are already in your body.

Lead poisoning can cause medical complications that can require life-long treatment and care, including:

  • Damage to the nervous system
  • Heart problems
  • Reproductive issues, premature birth, and miscarriage
  • Stunted growth and delayed development in children
  • Learning disabilities, ADHD, and even antisocial behavior
  • Kidney problems
  • Seizures, swelling of the brain and coma

Victim of Lead Poisoning in Massachusets? Call Our Attorneys at A Good Law Firm.

If you have a child with a reported lead reading of 12 or over for  laboratory blood tests, and the child was between 1 day old and 5 years of age, we may be able to help. Have you reported it to the local Board of Health, to the State Department of Public Health and to the Housing Authority in the town or city where you live?  Is the pediatrician advocating chelation treatment? If you are NOT living in public housing but in a rented apartment and the owner has insurance, we can make a claim for permanent reduction of IQ, for ADHD, for behavioral changes and aggressive behavior, slowed or delayed speech and other symptoms related to the lead paint poisoning.
We will need to get your pre-natal records and all the birthing records for both you and the baby. We will need the cooperation of the child’s treating pediatrician to write reports we request.
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