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40+ Year Experienced Birth Control Injury Lawyer in Springfield, MA Standing Up for Residents

Certain types of birth control have been found to have dangerous and life-threatening side effects. Below is a brief summary of the birth control types found in recent years to be responsible for serious physical consequences and even wrongful death. Some medications, including birth control, have later been found to be defective products.

If you or a loved one has suffered side effects from the use of birth control medications, please speak to our Massachusetts dangerous drug attorney at your earliest convenience.

Birth control medications with dangerous side effects:

  • NuvaRing: The NuvaRing is a two-inch vaginal ring that is soft and flexible. It is worn for three weeks during which time it releases daily hormones. It is then removed and a new one is inserted one week later. NuvaRing has been found to cause these dangerous side effects in some users: deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, myocardial infarction, stroke, heart attack and death. Serious blood clots can also develop.
  • Mifeprex (RU-486): Also known as the “abortion pill,” Mifeprex is its trade name. It acts in the body to block progesterone, which is a hormone necessary to carry a fetus to full term. Along with difficult side effects, Mifeprex is known for causing serious adverse events. Cases of serious adverse events include ectopic pregnancy resulting in death, systemic infection (also called sepsis) resulting in fatalities, and non-fatal heart attack.
  • Sepsis: Also called blood poisoning, sepsis occurs when an infection in the body spreads throughout the blood. It is a very serious condition that can cause death and requires immediate medical attention.
  • OrthoEvra Patch: In 2008 the FDA approved changes to the labeling of this birth control product to include the results of a study conducted that found users of the patch were found to have a higher risk of blood clots than those using birth control pills. The change in labeling provides a warning to women and their doctors to discuss the risks of using the patch.
  • Yaz, Yasmin, & Ocella Yasmin: All similar, these forms of birth control only different in hormone dosage.Yaz is the lower-dose version and Ocella is the generic brand of Yaz. These side effects have been linked to both Yasmin and Yaz: serious blood clots that can form in the leg; heart attack or pulmonary embolism which results when a blood clot breaks loose and flows through the heart or lungs; stroke; kidney failure; liver disease/tumors; gallbladder disease; or death.

Legal Help for Women Harmed by Birth Control Medications

Our firm focuses on helping those who have been injured after being prescribed a birth control medication that caused serious side effects, and we pursue fair and full financial compensation for the injured or the family of those deceased. The Law Offices of Alan R. Goodman work hard, fight hard and get results for women seeking legal assistance. The first step in any potential case is to establish grounds for personal injury claims.

Contact our office Speak with our Springfield injury lawyer about how you can proceed.

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