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40+ Years Handling Casino Injuries in Springfield, Massachusetts

When you visit a casino, it’s the owner’s responsibility to ensure the conditions of the establishment are safe. This means equipment, employees, and the overall premises of the casino are kept in proper order. When an injury happens on casino property and it’s evident that these standards weren’t upheld, you are due to receive financial compensation for your pain and suffering. Compensation for physical damages is just the beginning. Casino negligence means you can also be compensated for medical bills and lost income.

Injuries caused by casino negligence can vary and usually include the following circumstances:

Slip and Fall Accidents

While slip and falls are common personal injuries, they are very common with casino negligence. Slip and falls usually involve neglected carpet, damaged equipment, uneven payment, and slippery floors. If you’ve endured injury due to a slip and fall accident at a casino, you could receive monetary damages.

Faulty or Negligent Security

Part of the casino owner’s obligation involves making sure casino patrons are safe while they’re inside. It’s a common belief that security guards are always on alert and security cameras are always watching. Sometimes, guards feel underpaid or haven’t received efficient training. Other times, cameras are outdated and need to be replaced. As a result, measures aren’t effectively put into place and they fail to meet basic requirements in protecting their visitors. When guards and cameras don’t align with code and you suffer an injury as a result, the casino is liable. If the behavior or lack of protection caused an injury while at a casino, give me a call.

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If you or a family member was injured at a casino in Massachusetts, call (413) 736-1616 now to schedule a free consultation directly with attorney Alan Goodman, a 40+ year experienced casino injury attorney. Or, if you’re more comfortable sending us a confidential message, please go to our contact page, submit a form and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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Dangerous Environment

In addition to good safety and security, the casino is required to protect you from any criminal activity that takes place such as theft, assault, or other circumstances that can lead to physical harm. When casinos serve too much alcohol to customers, assaults and car accidents can result. Also, things like dangerous furniture, elevators, debris, and equipment can cause injury. If this happens to you, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation quickly.

Allow me to lead you to justice

In cases where casino negligence caused an injury, the law is the only vehicle to right the wrongs you endured. By working with me, you’ll find that I’m the trusted advisor your case needs for a successful win. My aim is to get you everything you need from the day we consult to the time you receive your financial compensation.

Casino Negligence Attorney in Springfield, Massachusetts

For more than 39 years, I’ve represented people just like you in the fight to get what’s fair throughout the area of Springfield and western Massachusetts. My goal is to use my background and dedication to fight for the future you deserve and receive full compensation for your pain and suffering. Let me be an advocate for you. Contact me today.

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