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You turn to a healthcare professional for any number of reasons relating to your health, expecting to be treated with a certain standard of care. Instead, you face an injury or illness you are left dealing with that may require further medical treatment. Many times it is the innocent person that is left with the injuries caused by another person’s mistake. Unfortunately, many of these mistakes warrant more than just an apology and can require the need for compensation. Medical malpractice cases can involve serious damage in which the victims endure a substantial cost, on top of the additional health problems they face. That is where an adept Springfield, MA medical malpractice lawyer can help.

As an experienced professional, Attorney Goodman has gone through this process many times before and understands what to expect, as well as how to prepare. He has taken on all types of situations and has achieved success in many cases that provide clients with the assistance they rightfully deserve. Since 1977 he has been practicing personal injury law and finding solutions for those in the Massachusetts area.

The following steps offer insight on what you can expect from us when you begin the process of seeking justice and earning what you are owed:

  • Start with an interview to become better acquainted with you and your case
  • Educate you on personal injury cases, specifically medical malpractice
  • Accumulate documents, such as medical records, to build a persuasive case
  • Conduct interviews with witnesses
  • Gather useful evidence, including pictures of the injuries
  • Evaluate all legal aspects, risks taken, causative negligence, etc.
  • Speak with a doctor and get reports that help explain the full scope of injuries
  • Assess insurance policies to see if there are expected reimbursements for any bills that are paid on your behalf

Review if there are any liens on the case, such as those from benefit plans, an employer, doctors and insurance companies that state they have a claim to part or all of your recovery:

  • Gain medical information that can shed light on whether malpractice was to blame
  • Gain nursing and expert reviews
  • If a lawsuit is the route that is decided on, client and witnesses will be prepared for the depositions
  • Formulate written questions and take the defendant and witnesses’ deposition, under oath
  • Provide any relevant info such as medical records, bills, or tax returns to the defendant
  • Set the trial date
  • Prepare for either the trial date or a settlement before the set date
  • Get the witnesses and client ready for trial
  • Prepare medical exhibits for if the case goes to trial / prepare demonstrative exhibits for the court date
  • Organize arbitration or mediation
  • To be thoroughly prepared, file motions and briefs with the court
  • Bring the case to trial before the court, which will include either a judge or a jury
  • After a verdict is given, review if there are sufficient grounds for either side to seek an appeal
  • Offer professional counsel to the client on whether it is in their best interest to appeal or not

These tasks are not necessary in each and every case, but whichever ones are beneficial will be used. This provides you with a greater understanding of what to expect and what you gain when you put your case in our hands. There are countless cases of medical malpractice that take place every year. Many people do not recognize their situation as that or they believe that it would be too difficult to hold the medical staff accountable.

We can review these cases, and do so free of charge. We believe that no one should have to suffer from poor medical treatment and be left without capable representation to take a stand for them. We also make a promise that we do not collect attorney’s fees unless we are able to earn money for those that we represent. Being prepared in a case can make the difference and when you turn to our office you can rest assured that you have a Springfield medical malpractice attorney who will work hard to earn you results.

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